Interviewing Tyler Scot…

I will re-post a little interview of Tyler Scot I found recently… I hope you will enjoy it!!!

How long have you been modelling and how did you get started?

I started in April of 1999, My first shoot was with Dan Hawke. I was tired of working 40+ hours in a factory, so I thought I would give bondage modeling a try.

What is your favorite bondage position? How does it make you feel being bound that way?
I love Hogties, Its fun being bound up helpless in such a little tight bundle.

Are there other models who you enjoy watching or working with?
I love working with Jenni Lee, other than that I have only done a couple of shoots with InSex models at InSex

Is bondage a part of your sex life or is it something you engage in just for modelling?
Mostly for modeling, but who doesn’t like being tied a little for forplay, like maybe.. tied doggy style on a bed. :)

What is the longest period you have been for? How were you bound and how did it affect you?
I did a live feed for InSex, that lasted 9 hours. I was continous bound and helpless for the entire time.

What types of restraints do you enjoy most?
I love rope bondage

Do you like being gagged? How does it feel? What is your favorite method of gagging?
I would rather be gagged, it really adds to the helplessness of the tie. Having something stuffed into your mouth, without being able to spit it out is exciting.

Do you enjoy blindfolds?
Not for shoots, but sometimes in the bed room…

What feelings do you tend to associate with bondage? Is it emotional for you?
I like the helpless feeling, not being responsable for what happens to me.

Do you enjoy other activities (teasing, spanking, clamps, etc.) while you are bound?
I like spanking and flogging, I like being naked and helpless. I’m very much an exhibitionist.

Does pain enhance the experience of bondage?
I worked for InSex for many years, and I’ll still have to say I hate pain. But I’ll do it for the shoot, for my fans that like to see me suffer.

Does bondage ever feel embarrassing or humiliating? Is that something you enjoy?
Yes, sometimes it makes me feel both, and I do enjoy that feeling.

What celebrity would you most like to see in bondage?
Guy: Anthony Kiedis, singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I would love to make him my personal sex slave for a year or two. Girl: Sandra Bullock, it would be fun to make her moan with pleasure, as she is helpless to stop my sex attack on her bound body

Do you have any bondage fantasies which are unfillfilled? What are they?
Yes, the two from the previous question.

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